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Each Apex II Includes:
Apex-Trak - Pre-loaded Apex-Trak Programs
    - Asset Inventory
    - Item Track
    - Physical Inventory
On-board Compsee BASIC Interpreter
RS 232 Cable (9 Pin)
4 Alkaline Batteries
1 CD
    - Apex-Trak Programs
    - LinkMaster Programs
    - UpLoad / DownLoad Utility
    - User's Guide
    - Apex-Trak Program
        Interpreter Programmer's


    Display               LCD --- 4-line x 16-character
    Memory                128K to 1MB RAM, 512K flash
    Clock                 Real-time clock calendar
                          Time and date Stamping via software 
    Communications Port   RS 232 interface
                          Protocol -  XON/XOFF, CTS/RTS
                          Baud Rate - Programmable 300 to 19,200
    Indicators            Programmable audible beeper
    Keyboard              Full alphanumeric, 49-key
    Software              Programmable in BASIC
                          Program Generator
    Microprocessor        16-bit, Intel 80196NP


    Power Source          Four AA alkaline batteries
                          Four AA NiMH or NiCd batteries
                          Rechargeable NiMH pack
    Battery Pack Life     15 hours at use rate of 30 scans/minute
    Back-up Battery       Super Cap


    Operating Temperature -4 to +122 F (-20 to +50 C)
    Storage Temperature   -4 to +140 F (-20 to +60 C)
    Humidity              90% relative (non-condensing)
    ESD                   15 KV electrostatic air discharge
                          to all surfaces without the loss of
                          data. Meets IEC 801-2(1991)
    Construction          Industrial high-strength polycarbonate
                          Chemical and splash resistant
    Drop                  Unit Functions normally after 4' (1.2m) 
                          drop to concrete
    Regulatory Agency 
    Approval              FCC Part 15, Class A:  CE


    Weight                .934 lbs.
    Size (LxWxD)          8.4" x 3.8" x 2.1"


    Laser Diode           680 nm
    Scan Rate             36 scans/second (bi-directional)
    Skew                  +/-65
    Pitch                 +/-55
    Specular Dead Zone    +/-2
    Ambient Light  
    Immunity              Immune to direct exposure from normal
                           office and factory level lighting
                          and direct exposure to sunlight
    Contrast Ratio        20% absolute dark/light reflectance
                          differential at 675 nm.
    Bar Code 
    Symbologies           Code 3 of 9 (Standard & Full ASCII)
                          UPC/EAN/JAN + addendums
                          Codabar               Code 11
                          Interleaved 2 of 5    Code 128
                          MSI/Plessey           Code 93
                          Standard 2 of 5       Matrix 2 of 5
    Optional Bar
    Code Scanner          Tethered- Light Pen, Laser or CCD
                          Integrated- Standard or Long Range Laser