TurboWedge Configuration Program


A means by which the user can configure the parameters for the unit using an IBM PC or compatible and the WinCape software.


    • IBM PC or Compatible
    • Windows (3.X and above)
    • WinCape Software
    • TurboWedge
    • Bar Code Scanner connected to Port 1
    • RS 232 Cable - Comm Port 1 or 2 is user specified  (Cable Number - 02TC014)
    • Power Supply (Part Number - 0212008)
      - If the TurboWedge is interfaced to a terminal and receiving power from the keyboard connection a power supply is not needed.

WinCape should be used in conjunction with the TurboWedge Manual. The program screens merely follow the printed menu pages from the manual, allowing the operator to select the desired parameter and make the variable selections using function keys. When all parameters needed have been selected, the set-up can be downloaded to the TurboWedge and/or saved to a file on the PC.

Another utilization of WinCape allows for the uploading to the PC the parameters from a previously configured TurboWedge. The configuration can then be saved for future use.

After the user has completed the setup configuration on the PC, the TurboWedge needs to be connected to the Serial Port of the PC and to a power source.

Prior to communicating with the TurboWedge, scan the "Enable WinCape Programming" label located on the Program Mode Menu Page. This action temporarily sets up the serial port parameters so that the TurboWedge can communicate with the PC.

Once the download is complete and power to the TurboWedge has been recycled, the set-up for the serial port will be set to the configuration that was downloaded to it.

At the beginning of the download the TurboWedge will issue a High-Low beep sequence. Upon successful load, a High-High beep sequence will be issued.


Download both zip files. Unzip each zip file onto individual floppies and then run SETUP.EXE to start the installation. From there, simply follow the prompts to complete the install.

Download WinCape Configuration Program:

Disk 1
Disk 2