Apex III & IV

Demonstration Utility Program


Wedgee is a Compsee Demonstration Utility Program that was created to allow the user to quickly test or demonstrate various common functions of the Apex Portable Data Terminal.

The Apex Demo Program titled "Wedgee" allows you to

  • Scan Bar Codes
  • Display the results in either single height or double height fonts
  • Turn the scanner aiming beam on or off
  • Turn the symbology identifier on or off
  • Print, using the RS 232 port, the data that has been scanned or keyed into the Apex or display incoming data received in through the RS-232 port. Data Received through the RS-232 port can the be viewed with a scroll back buffer and edited. All keyboard navigation keys (UP, DOWN, HOME, END, DELETE, INSERT)work while viewing this data.

Most Wedgee program functions can be easily accessed via the Functions ("F") keys on the top row of the Apex Keypad.

    F-1 = User Help Menu

    F-2 = A quick user interface to sequentially toggle screen size throughout the four display screen sizes as follows:

      10 rows x 30 columns (double high, single wide pixel font)
      10 rows x 15 columns (double high, double wide pixel font)
      20 rows x 15 columns (single high, double wide pixel font)
      20 rows x 30 columns (double high, double wide pixel font)

    F-3 = Toggles the AIM Bar Code Symbology Identifier Prefix On and Off

      (see Apex Tech Reference Manual for explanation of Symbology Identifiers)

    F-4 = Toggles Laser Aiming Dot On and Off

    F-5 = Toggles Bi-Directional RS-232 Serial Logging Function On and Off

      The F-5 function enables Keyed or Scanned Data to be routed through the RS-232 port. The data is sent as it appears on the screen, i.e. one character at the time. This function is particularly useful in tests and demonstrations for routing keyed or scanned data to portable printers or any other RS-232 enabled device.

When Serial Data Logging is enabled incoming RS-232 data is displayed on the Apex LCD as it is received. Baud rate, data format, and handshake default = 9600, 8,1,N, No Handshaking.

Wedgee provides a cursor position indicator in the lower right hand portion of the Apex LCD. This position indicator provides cursor row and column position separated by a colon.

As data is scanned, keyed or received through the RS-232 port results are displayed on the Apex LCD. Wedgee provides a 255 line scroll back buffer capability allowing the user to recall the contents of the buffer using the Apex Navigation Keys (Up arrow, Down arrow, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End). Buffer contents greater than the 255 lines is truncated.