Apex III & IV
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The Apex Program Generator was designed from the beginning as a rapid data collections applications development platform for creating mission critical business applications. The Apex Program Generator is a powerful, and easy to use, Windows™-based applications development tool that allows a user to visually create data collection screens, perform sophisticated math functions and create complex program flow.

Utilizing the extensive library of procedures, a user can create simple or complex batch applications for the Apex without the need to write a single line of program code.

Easy to use screen creation tools and defined procedures make creating user prompts for data collection, data validation and bar code scanning manipulation a breeze. The Apex Program Generator creates structured POWER BASIC™ code that can be compiled and used as is, or can be further modified and enhanced using a simple text editor. After designing the application program flow, the developer will find by using the programs tools, procedure, on-line help screens and WYSIWYG environment, that the Apex Program Generator is easy to use for the design and creation of all popular data collection routines.

The Program Generator can be used to create new applications or modify existing applications. And, because programs are written in POWER BASIC™ rather than script, they can be edited and enhanced as necessary. The Apex Program Generator allows for selection, and verification of bar code types, data types and data input method (scanned, keyed or both). Once compiled, the new application can be easily downloaded into the Apex Terminal. As a DOS based device, the Apex will allow the user to load multiple applications and call each app from a user-created "Main Menu". Users can create all types of application programs ranging from simple data collection to asset tracking to sophisticated inventory collection/tracking using the Apex Program Generator.