Apex III & IV
Demo Program


The Apex Demo Utility is a Program written to allow a quick demonstration of a simple data collection application. The ability to demonstrate several operational functions of the Apex such as file transfers, viewing scanned data and font size changes are also included in this Demo program.

The Apex Demo Utility consists of a two-file combination of Demo.exe and Run.bat. The user should download both files into the root directory of the Apex.

Caution! The Demo Program should always be executed via the Run.bat file. The Run.bat batch file calls various functions and is required to make the Demo.exe program fully functional. Running Demo.exe alone is not recommended.

After downloading both files the user should type run and hit Enter. The demo program will start up and display a Compsee Icon and graphic screen that refreshes on a ten second interval. Hitting enter will exit the graphics screen and display a Main Menu. Four choices are available to the user from the Main Menu as follows:

      F1 Collect Data
      F2 Utilities Menu
      F3 Logo Screen
      F4 Exit Application

Main Menu - F1 Collect Data Menu -

    Pressing F1 from the Main Menu will start-up a simple data collection routine that prompts the user for Location, Part Number, and Quantity Field information. The user can either scan or key in the required information for each field.

    After completing each transaction, the Collect Data Screen will advance to the next item. The Item Location will remain the same unless the user changes the location by pressing ALT-X and edits the Location Field to a new Location. Data collected from this application is stored on the Apex in a flat ASCII file called Demo.Dat. Alt-X will return the user to the Main Menu.

Main Menu - F2 Utilities Menu -

    Pressing F2 from the Main Menu will start-up the Utilities Menu. The Utilities Menu provides seven (7) "F" Key functions and a Return to Menu function as follows:


      F1 Communications
      F2 Browse
      F3 Data Screen (10x30)
      F4 Data Screen (20x30)
      F5 Data Screen (10x15)
      F6 Data Screen (20x15)
      F7 Barcode Test
      Alt-X Returns to the Main Menu
Utilities Menu - F1 Communications Menu-
    Pressing F1 from the Utilities Menu will start-up the Communications Menu. The user will be prompted to select the desired mode of file transfer (RS-232 or IR). The second prompt asks the user to select Send or Receive. After the file is transferred, the program will completely re-start (return to the Logo Screen).

    Files are transferred using the following parameters:

      Y-Modem protocol, 115200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control). The user can use any standard communications program that supports Y-Modem file transfers such as Compsee's WX, HyperTerminal© or Procomm Plus© on the P.C. side.
Utilities Menu - F2- Browse -
    Pressing F2 from the Utilities Menu will start-up Browse. In this screen, the user can view collected data for the Collect Data Application, one record at a time. Pressing the Up or Down arrow will decrement or increment the Demo.dat file by one record. Alt-X will return the user to the Utilities Menu.
Utilities Menu - F3 thru F6 Data Screen -
    Pressing F3 thru F6 will result in a Font Size Change to the Apex as follows:
      F3 = 10 Lines by 30 Characters
      F4 = 20 Lines by 30 Characters
      F5 = 10 Lines by 15 Characters
      F6 = 20 Lines by 15 Characters
Utilities Menu - F7 Barcode Test -
    Pressing F7 will activate a Barcode Test Screen. The user can scan any valid barcode symbology that is default activated in the Apex. Scanning a valid bar code will result in the data contents of the bar code being displayed on the LCD. The scanned bar code's symbology type (i.e. Code 39) will be displayed on the line immediately below the displayed decoded data. Pressing any key (other than Scan) will return the user to the Utilities Menu.
Main Menu- F3 Logo Screen -
    Pressing F3 from the Main Menu will activate the same graphic screen that is presented at boot up. Pressing any key will exit this screen back to the Main Menu.
Main Menu - F4 Exit Application -
    Pressing F4 from the Main Menu will prompt the user to decide if they want to exit from the Demo Application. Pressing the left arrow to select "YES" and hitting enter will exit the Demo Application and exit back to a DOS prompt.