Apex II
Software Security


As a method to discourage unauthorized use of unlicensed software, a unique ID number has been programmed into each Apex II.

This number allows the software developer, be it a VAR or an end-user, to record the specific ID number of each Apex II received and match the number to each program.

When this feature is used, the ID number assigned must match in both the program and the Apex. Incorporating this feature into the program will prevent the program from being used with any other Apex unit.

Note: This feature is compatible with Apex II units configured with the following:

    • 512K Flash
    • Operating System of 2.04b or higher
    • Unit Serial Numbers of 100002489 or higher.

To obtain the unique Apex II ID:

      If the above command is sent to the Apex II via the serial port, the Apex will send back the unique ID number.
        For Example: 2323
  • X$=STR$(PEEK(0))
      The string variable X$ will now be equal to the ID number.
      The command PRINT X$ will cause 2323 with no leading spaces to be sent to the serial port of the Apex.