Apex II
Program Generator

Ver 3.07



Create custom scanning 

applications without writing 

a single line of program code


Compsee's Windows-based Apex II Program Generator puts programming in your hands, allowing you to visually create applications without having to write a single line of program code.

By responding to the menu-driven prompts regarding data collection, data validation and scanning features, the program generates structured BASIC code that can be used as is, or can be further modified and enhanced using a text editor. Even non-programmers will find the Apex II Program Generator easy to use, with its user-friendly prompts, online help screen and WYSIWYG screens.

The Apex II Program Generator will prompt you for bar code types, for data types and whether data is to be scanned or entered via the keyboard. It then produces an application program and loads it into the terminal. Application types can be simple data collection, asset tracking, inventory collection/tracking, for data base record keeping based on bar code items. And because programs are written in BASIC rather than script, they can be edited and enhanced if necessary.

Compsee's Apex II Program Generator gives you the flexibility you need to keep performance levels high and cost low. It's easy to install, use and modify. The Apex II Program Generator's existing applications are written in BASIC so they can be modified easily. You don't have to be a computer programmer to write custom applications either. And as with all of Compsee's high-quality line of bar code data collection products, the Apex II Program Generator is durable, reliable and affordable.

Hardware  386 or greater PC
          4 M Ram
          Hard Drive with 5M free space for program files
          3.5" 1.44M floppy disk drive
Software  DOS 3.3 or later
          Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT

The Apex II Program Generator supports the development of new applications, the modification of existing applications and can define up to three applications in a single file.


Input prompts (defined by user)
Register Display (defined by user)
Format on display
Three applications programs in one file


Minimum/maximum length
Alpha, numeric or alphanumeric data
Special characters allowed within the data
Default value
Range check
Key only or scan only
Valid scan input (14 symbologies can be decoded and checked)
Auto enter at the end of the data
Data required or optional
Input masking
Check data locations for =, (, > or <


File name
Key field
Record positioning
Display option


Assign loop to field
Test data for branching
Data present or not present
Data =, (, > or <
Start character sequence


Mathematical calculation with conditional reset
Conditional message display
Conditional beep option
Values assigned from field or file


Define file name and structure
Fixed length ASCII
Field length ASCII with carriage return
Comma Delimited fields
Comma and quote delimited fields
dBase III
Microsoft Access (V2.0)
Append or overwrite
Allow duplicate records
Date and/or time stamp
Delete or retain file after transfer


Create application diskettes for distribution
Updating the Apex operating system
Loading programs and data files into the Apex
Retrieving data files from the Apex
Defining menu descriptions for each operation