Apex II
Program Generator FAQ's


1. How do I change which field my program loops back to?
Have the user go to "Applications".
Set up "Loop-To" field
Choose the field they want to Loop-To from the pull down menu.

2. How do I choose which field I want my program to check for duplicates on?

Have the user go to "applications".
On that screen they should see a box called "Search Field for Edit and Verify"
On the pull down menu of the created fields, select which fields should be checked for duplication.

3. What different types of data files can I save my data as?

Have the user go to "Applications".
Then Select "parameters".
Locate the box called "Field Type"
The pull down menu will indicate the 7 different types of data files that can be collected.

4. When I down load my program it gets almost finished and then says communications timed out, why is that?

This is most likely because the user is loading "Look-Up Files" that are not formatted as Fixed Length ASCII .

Fixed length ASCII example (22) Non-Fixed length example (Variable)

5. What are the names of the data files in the apex?

Application Data File Name
1 Datafile
2 Datafap2
2 Datafap3

6. I made changes to my program but when I upload it to the Apex they don't show up?

The user always needs to save their application first. Once saved, regenerate the code after making any changes then load the program.

7. Customer wants to know if the Program Generator will work with the Mars Electronics Meq Terminals (530 or below)?

The Apex II Program Generator will work with Mars Electronics MEQ Terminals provided that the units have a 4 line display and The MEQ 1260 Communications Node is not used.

8. How do I right justify a field and fill the blanks with a certain character?

Go to the screen titled "Data Field Definition"
Under the "Properties" tab make sure that the "Right Justify" box is marked.
Enter the character you want as a filler in the "Fill Character" box.

9. My barcode has a period in it and the Apex keeps telling me invalid barcode?

Go to the screen titled "Data Field Definition"
Under the "Input" tab there is a box called "Special Characters Allowed".
Enter the allowed special characters for the bar code in this box.

10. How do I display the barcode that I scanned for a certain number of seconds?

Go to the screen titled "Data Field Definition"
Under the "Input" tab there is a box called "Input Device".
In this box you will see "Scannable" and "Allow Keys".
Click on the box beside "Scannable". This will bring up the Barcode Input Definition Screen". Here the user can define the bar code type and variables for the code.
At the bottom of the screen there is a box labeled "Number of Seconds to Display Scanned Bar Code".
Enter the number of seconds the code should be displayed.

11. When I use Linkmaster or Apexdata to retrieve my data it only comes back in fixed length ASCII even when I chose a comma delimited data file under "Parameters".

This occurs because the Program Generator retrieves the data and then converts it to the data type the user specified.

12. I chose not to allow duplicate records and the unit is allowing me to scan the same barcode.

Reference FAQ #2.

13. How do I skip a field based on a condition of a field input?

Condition Field Skip are defined under the "Branching" screen.

14. How do I change the banner screen from saying "Compsee Inc. Apex Program Generator"?

Click on the "Options" box at the top.

From here, the user can
Change the Banner Screen
Adjust Parameters
Remap Keys
Set-up Hardware
Set-up General Option for their Application

15. When I create application diskettes will my lookup files be put on those diskettes?

No, they will not be on the disks.
The look-up files need to put onto a separate disk.
The end-user will then put them into the same directory they were in when the application was created.