Apex II
Office Tools Wizard


Apex II Office Tools Wizard is a Wizard driven utility for Apex II Software Developers.
Apex Office Tools Wizard creates a custom template used to convert data gathered from an Apex II Portable Data Collection Terminal (PDT) for import into either Microsoft Access 97© (.mdb) or Microsoft Excel© (.xls) format.
The Wizard uses a previously saved template file (.atx) or creates a new template for gathering and converting data collected with the Apex II PDT. The user is guided through a series of prompts and dialogs that will assist in translating the data into the desired format.

The Wizard imports data from a fixed length ASCII file format into a user defined file format.

  • The user simply specifies the file to import and the structure of the data.
  • The user is then given the option of selecting a PC text file, a Program Generator MAP file or the user can define a unique file structure.
  • Specific data fields can be retrieved by simply selecting the beginning and ending positions of each imported field.
  • Field type can also be selected.
  • The user then assigns a unique name for each data field imported.